earth fleet mission - save the world

To meet exponentially growing global demand for environment friendly sustainable transportation through the introduction of innovative new cleantech products and services.

our mission

To Reduce Harmful Pollution and Carbon Emissions in Central London and other major Global Cities by offering the Public the Choice of using an Innovative New Sustainable Transport Service that is Environment Friendly, Technologically Advanced and Less Expensive for the Consumer.

our vision

To become one of the World's Leading New Cleantech Sustainable Transportation businesses that Conveniently and Economically provides customers width Environment Friendly Zero Emissions ELECTRIC and Low Emissions HYBRID ELECTRIC minicab, chauffeur and courier vehicle services in the Central London areas of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and City of London. Soon we'll expand to major Cities across the UK, EU, USA and Worldwide.

To be a successful global enterprise, future trends in global consumer demand must be anticipated. Globally, individuals and businesses are seeking to Reduce Harmful Pollution, their Energy use and Carbon Footprint to help the Environment and to Save Money. Earth Fleet will take advantage of this Exponentially Growing Global Demand by providing the Public with the Choice to use our Environment Friendly Sustainable Transport Services that produces substantially less Harmful Vehicular Pollution and Carbon Emissions than the existing minicab, chauffeur and courier companies in London.

global warming and climate change

Planet Earth is warming and the consequences are real. Climate Change disruptions like rapid extreme weather phenomena caused by global warming put our lives, food and water supply at risk, endangers our health, jeopardize our national security and threaten our economy. Some impacts such as record high temperatures, melting glaciers and polar icecaps, severe storms, hurricanes, flooding, droughts and tsunami - are already increasingly common.

carbon emissions and global warming

Transportation produces a third of all global warming emissions - but cleaner vehicles can help. Planet Earth is heating up and conventional Personal, Commercial and Public Transportation Systems are a primary cause, accounting for nearly 30% of all global warming emissions and a significant percentage of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollution.

why do we need clean transportation?

The UK's Oil & Gas consumption threatens our Economy, Environment and Health. Clean Vehicle Technologies provide the tools to reduce these risks and move us toward an Affordable, Cleaner Greener and Safer Transportation Future. This prodigious use of Oil & Gas comes with significant individual and collective costs - to our Health, to our Environment and to our Pockets - and these problems will only increase in the years ahead as Oil & Gas becomes increasingly more difficult, scarce and expensive to acquire.

60% of UK Transportation Pollution Emissions come from Cars, Vans and Light Trucks

Every gallon of diesel or gasoline burned emits 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global warming gases and harmful pollution into the atmosphere. About 5 pounds of that come from the extraction of oil, gas, petroleum and the production and delivery of the fuel. But the great bulk of heat-trapping vehicle emissions pollution - more than 19 pounds per gallon - comes right out of car's tailpipe.

Passenger cars, vans and light trucks represent the lion’s share of UK transportation pollution emissions and collectively produce almost one-fifth of the nation’s total global warming pollution. All together, transportation generates nearly 30% of UK’s global warming pollution emissions, including more than a third of all UK carbon dioxide emissions. The remaining transportation related emissions pollution come from medium and heavy-duty vehicles (primarily freight trucks & buses), plus aircraft, shipping, rail, military, and other uses.

1 Gallon of DIESEL or Gasoline = 24 pounds of Global Warming Emissions Pollution.

Pollution adds up fast.
Each year, the average DIESEL or Gasoline Car sends 6 Tons of Carbon Dioxide and Harmful Pollution into the Atmosphere - about three times the vehicle’s weight !

Why Customers Choose Earth Fleet?

In addition to the substantial Environmental benefits that come with the introduction of Earth Fleet’s Sustainable Transport Service, we see enormous Economic and Health benefits for Central London Residents, Visitors, Tourists and Businesses alike. That include:

  • Competitive fares because of significantly increased mileage and lower running costs of considerably more energy efficient ELECTRIC and HYBRID ELECTRIC Vehicles.

  • Providing an affordable environment friendly green choice for Central London consumers, residents, visitors, tourists and businesses alike.

  • Improving the overall Central London Transportation Service performance and global image.

  • Incorporating advanced web and mobile Smartphone app technologies that will conveniently, securely and economically benefit the consumer and automate business operations.

  • Creating New Green Jobs.

  • Engaging consumers in the "going green" initiative and educating the public about the extremely harmful effects of inner city pollution on public health and the environment.

  • Increasing our market share in the Global Urban Transportation industry by collaborating with Governments, City Mayors, Municipalities, Transport & Transit Authorities, Socially Responsible Corporations and Businesses, Environmental Groups, Cyclists, Joggers, Gyms, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals and other stakeholders and cities worldwide.

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Why Earth Fleet is unique

We Pro-actively Reduce Harmful Pollution and Carbon Emissions in the Central London area by offering Customers, Residents, Visitors, Tourists and Businesses alike, the Choice of using an Innovative New Sustainable Transport Service that is Environment Friendly, Healthier, Technologically Advanced and Less Expensive for the Consumer.

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